If The Candle Fits Wedding and Event Rentals, LLC

          My passion for love began in high school when I met my high school sweetheart. Shortly after graduating we married, settled down and started our family with three beautiful children Hank, Tiffany, and Jaimee. In 2005 my heart broke and my husband and love of over 20 years passed. Lost in life without my companion I mourned for quite some time. New doors opened in my life and I was able to patch my heart and ready to set sail on an adventure I never knew what would come of it. In 2007 I met my current husband, Russell and he has filled my emptiness with dry humor and is my forever companion. We both share the common interest of entertaining and therefore held the biggest party we could dream of on our wedding day August 30th, 2014. We wanted something different than traditional candle and flowers and I started collecting decor for my wedding. Since our marriage, I have obtained a massive stock of fabulous centerpieces and ​candelabras along with a multitude of luxury decor. 

​                                                                             xoxo Kathy L. Jaynes 

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